My foray into the arts began in my early childhood and it was to become a lifelong passion. I developed an abiding interest in arts and photography in my youth, and, over the years, have been continuously expanding my interests in the arts, especially commercial arts by regularly attending art appreciation courses, seminars, workshops, training courses, etc. over the last three decades.

Graphic Design: For the last several decades, I have been creating corporate identity, namely logo, stationery, brochures, packaging design, catalogues, mural artworks, and all types of publicity material and my works have been appreciated all over the world for its uniqueness and professionalism, in design as well as its execution.

Photography: Made a humble beginning with analogue monochrome hotography in the 80s and pioneered into digital imaging during 2002, when digital photography was still in its infancy, and was not existent in India. It gives me great joy to constantly upgrade and update my aesthetics and technological knowledge, as every day presents me fresh opportunities to do so.

The broad range of my photographic work comprises portraits, landscapes, architecture, heritage, culture, product and industrial photography, each of which demands its own set of skills, experience and knowledge to reap the benefits of technology as well as aesthetics.

Several of the images photographed by me are being sold in worldwide forums for different commercial applications and designs.

Filmmaking: Being a pioneer in use of technology, I have been making Full High Definition films for industries, institutions and events, which are known for its unique style and creativity. The huge resource of music for production, support from professional voice overs, editing applications are everready to keep up the schedules.

Resources: High quality resources, collection of illustrations, world-class text fonts and styles from world's best foundries, stock of digital images on innumerable subjects, which are very helpful in creating state-of-the-art works, are always updated to meet the demands of contemporary creativity.

State-of-the art technology: Well versed with up to date technology, with an experience of over two decades in handling the world's best digital illustration, imaging, film editing, compositing and digital painting applications.
Awards for excellence: It was a proud moment for me when I won recognition and awards for my pictorial photographs, latest being the prestigious 1st Prize "Chalukya Utsav" Award during 2014.